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Jalopy – Pre-Alpha Access

You gotta take care of your beloved old classic car. Jalopy, which is the name of the car you drive, is a first person adventure driving game that simulates the experience of driving and taking care of your Jalopy car as you travel.

You build your Jalopy in the beginning, stock up on tools and resources to keep your car in shape and you start your journey. If you run out of gas then fill it up from your gas canister or go to a gas station. Flat tire? grab your lug wrench and replace it with a new one and so on.

It’s a pretty unique, relaxing experience and a learning one if not anything else. The controls/driving are leaning towards on a basic/arcade side but we think most Euro & American Truck Simulator fans will probably enjoy this game, we sure did.

Get the pre-alpha alongside the full game here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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