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Jumps – Alpha Sign-Up

When you have to jump then you have to jump. Jumps is a fast-paced first person platformer, inspired by Cluster Truck, it has a nice low poly visual art style and the whole focus of the game revolves around you jumping from one floating structure to another, via the use of Jump Tokens and other items.

If you’re into speed running and platforming then you’ll most likely love this game. There’ll be four worlds to jump in with different biomes, each one having a handful of levels to beat as you keep picking up those Jump Tokens to be able to platform your way through to the end, but keep in mind that it’s also crucial to know where you want to jump to. There’s also a wide variety of items to pick up that’ll aid you like speed boosts, jump boosts, a cannon and so much more.

Sign-up for the alpha here.


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