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KINETIK – Alpha & Beta Sign-Up

Developers Mat Broome and Kevin McPherson, who were involved with titles such as Everquest, H1Z1 and Planetside, have put together an online multiplayer co-op tactical RPG survival shooter in Unreal Engine 4 dubbed Kinetik. If you’re not up to speed on what makes up this strategy survival action title, the game features explosive combat in a sort of Gears of War/Mass Effect encounter style in a high sci-fi setting. Beautifully rendered futuristic visuals set the stage in a cold, metallic ambiance ready to be shaken up by every explosion-ridden skirmish. Players will command a squad of soldiers in a dash-to-cover combat play style, surveying the current location and assessing each situation accordingly. Issue commands or take point in each fight to press on to the next zone. The game is dictated by a set of RPG elements, defining character stats and providing an inventory to manage in order to build more depth than simply running and gunning through the game.

Scour the military base in search of crafting supplies, create your own squad and bring in heavy drones to add a new dimension to the fray. This isn’t just a tactical battle simulator, Kinetik revolves around building a squad from scratch, pushing the player to not only survive these encounters, but to constantly scavenge for supplies to keep building if they want to last. The Alpha Luna base might be a giant station conveniently set up for tactical battles complete with cover and environments that cater to the fights, but a set of dynamic missions are also available to further challenge that squad you’ve built, and to offer more loot should you survive the dangers that block the way. The wait is not long to get a taste of what Hero Machine Studios‘ Kinetik has to offer, subscribing to the newsletter using the link below will give you a shot at joining the alpha when it’s available.

Sign-up for the alpha and beta here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.


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