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KINGDOM·OF·LOOT – Alpha Download

Loot has never been more so focused than this. KINGDOM OF LOOT is a 2D action adventure massive multiplayer online role-playing game, that’s inspired by classical Action-RPG 16-bit games like Secret of Mana and The Legend of Zelda.

We love where the game is going and as one fan puts it “An oldschool ARPG turned into an MMO? Who WOULDN’T love that?”. The game will provide you with various adventures with many quests to finish, different enemies to defeat with the power of the class you’ve chosen, the sweet sensation of obtaining a lot of loot, personalizing your character with the gear you get and bringing with other players with your journey and have fun!

Download the alpha build here. [You need to make an account then a character on the site before playing the game]

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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