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Last Dive – Alpha Sign-Up

The big question is: Suffocate under the sea or in space? Last Dive is a 2D adventure platformer thriller where you play as a man named Dave who finds himself stranded alone at the bottom of the ocean, where the game is set, with his diving suit protecting him from the water pressure and sea creatures.

He’s left no choice but to move forward and start explore the deep seas and search for a way back to the surface, while doing saw he realizes how barely knows anything about the sea he’s in.

Beautiful looking pixel art visuals and presumably followed by some amazing sound design. You’ll explore the sea and uncover many secrets about it and Dave himself, doing so as you master the gameplay mechanics associated with his diving suit, and expanding it with features/tools like the jetpack and the hookshot which aids your journey to resurface. Oh and engage in epic boss battles facing huge sea creatures.

Sign-up for the alpha here.

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