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Lazarus – Beta Sign-Up


Now we know what the game is as they developers have released a description of it on their website, along with screenshots. Lazarus is a free-to-play top-down action rogue-like sci-fi MMO that hosts thousands of player surviving together, all in a huge persistent real-time world where you go out foraging for resources, finding new tech and engaging in intense dogfights. Also, the beta starts on 12th August.

Lazarus screenshot shot


Is it a plane? a fly? a funky cold medina? NO! It’s- actually, nobody knows since the developers are not ready to share any footage, screenshots or even a description of their upcoming game Lazarus, but we’ll definitely try and guess!

So here’s our guess just from looking at that single gif/shot of the game: It’s a top-down sci-fi space exploration action shooter. Either that or comically a badass looking text-based adventure game where you’re out to save your five waifus.

Sign-up for the beta here.

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