Hey there! My name is Linata and I work as a model and host for a living. Also, I have this great supernatural ability to drastically change how I look, so don’t get too comfortable with how I currently look! Although one day I’ll choose a ‘main’ look that i’ll stick with.

I’m currently working here on Future Beta Gamer as their mascot and hopefully as a host soon. They were nice enough to offer me my own page on their site! I’m 21 years old, I enjoy playing and talking about games as well as learning how they’re made.

I can’t think of anything more to talk about at the moment, but there’s this one super-duper secret fact that would help you stay young and healthy, and that is to be.. *five-second suspense* a anime/cartoon character! =)

Hope you enjoy what I’ll bring as a person and as an employee here on the site. If you’d like to follow me personally, then you’re welcome to do so over on my Twitter page @MistressLinata . Also, please don’t sell, re-upload or use me for personal or business reasons without asking for my permission first, it’s a hard world out there and I only have myself to work with.

Note_1: The ‘Linata’ character and every one of her different variations here are completely owned by @FreakOramaXD first, / @FutureBetaGamer second.

Note_2: Do not sell, re-upload or use the ‘Linata’ character/s without permission.

Here are my various alternate looks:

First Look by Nami Tsuki

Second Look by Christina Danelon

Third Look by Kendell

Fourth Look by

Fifth Look by Edward Alexander