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Loft is in the air – Game Jam Build Download

The housing market is on fire right now, and for some whacko reason everyone wants studio flats. As a real estate agent, it’s your job to find the right place for everyone to do their weird activities in (I shudder whenever I think about what people do behind closed doors). Well unfortunately every 1-room place for rent is occupied, and through some strange authority you’ve taken it upon yourself to create more 1-room living spaces for people to watch pie eating contests on tv or create their freaky dungeons in. Yes what they do in their free time is the NPC’s business, your job is to knock down those walls and create a new dwelling for these disturbed folks. Loft is in the Air is a crazy addicting side scroller action puzzle something or another where you play as a real estate agent who knocks down walls with dashes, blows up concrete structures with exploding briefcases, and pulls some crazy ninja stunts somewhere in between all that. Choosing properties on the map, the player will complete each location by knocking down the goal amount of walls and earn more money to unlock new abilities.

Of course it’s not so simple, you know, the knocking down walls gig? Some places have murderous rats that will KILL you. They are straight up demented, and if that wasn’t bad enough, some of these neglected locales have security cameras, with guns attached to them. Oh no you’re not having your picture taken today, not unless your body is perforated like swiss cheese. These property owners are pure insane, and it doesn’t just stop at homicidal rats or sentry guns. Some of the more difficult levels will have electricity fields, strategically placed in order to cook up some real estate BBQ if the quarry bashes through a wall. Yeah you probably won’t want to stop once you begin, because who doesn’t love causing property damage to please their clients? It only gets more fun as you go on unlocking wall jumps and ninja briefcases (wait til you see what that does) and by the end you’re gonna be the Rurouni Kenshin of real estate, leaving crumbled walls and pleased tenants in your wake.

Download the game jam build here.

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