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Lost in Pandation – Game Jam Download

Ludum Dare 37 entry Lost in Pandation is not easy. Let me start with that. Small level, minimal resources, and time is not on your side. With the threat of hypothermia constantly looming overhead, you, the little iPanda, must rush to grow supplies and produce batteries to power the cable car in order to escape The Golden Apple building that you’re stuck on. Resource management, speed, and tactical thinking are the skills you’ll rely on as everything works against you. The main objective is to constantly keep oily pears growing as they are the power source for the main generator that supplies electricity to everything. There are three plant pots, one of which needs to be unlocked by powering the generator with a pear. The first thing you’ll do is locate the first pear, or the mother pear as I call it, and get it into the pot as soon as you can. Another thing, which isn’t noted in the game directions, is that you can also grow bamboo, which you’ll need in order to reach the generator, battery supplier, third pot and the enemy wipe button. That’s right, as if the inclement weather wasn’t enough to slow you down, random enemies will appear to block your way. The weather can change at any given moment, so keeping your fire going is the only way to warm up when that temperature drops. Two piles of logs can be gathered but after that, you’ll need to keep growing bamboo to fuel it.


One oily pear will give the generator enough power to operate machines twice. This can be used to either produce another battery, or use the enemy destroyer. Keep all this growing and trading up, and you may have enough time and resources to climb up, get a battery, and power the cable car. The car requires several batteries, so this little marathon doesn’t end once you obtain just one. Enemy and weather events are dynamic, so there may be playthroughs where you just get rotten luck and don’t have enough time to get your little crop going before you freeze to death. Play through a few times to get a feel for how long things take to grow, when to use bamboo and how quick you can reach a certain spot. It might seem cute and simple, but Lost in Pandation is cold and unforgiving.

Download the game jam build here.

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