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MAZE – Beta Sign-Up

You may not know how content you truly are with having the Earth beneath your feet. It’s always been there for you for better or for worse. What if there was an artificial intelligence that was so expansive and sophisticated that it could force humanity off the planet for good? Maybe that’s a good thing, that AI could be the most green entity ever with the ultimate conservation strategy. But we’re too greedy for that. We want the world molded to our needs. It’s a giant ball of resources, many of which seem to naturally replenish, and being banished to the moon hasn’t done us any favors in the form of continuity.

In MAZE, the AI in question has turned the planet Earth into, well, a giant maze. If you thought the world was a beautiful and dangerous place, wait until you see it in this first-person puzzle survival game built in Unreal Engine 4. The planet has become a labyrinth of doom, littered with all kinds of defenses against human invasion. You can attempt to take back earth, racing against time to complete each procedurally-generated maze. The player(s) will start out in a safe zone, and must attempt to make it through the maze, discovering its weakness and exploiting it while dodging traps and patrolling enemies. If you need more info before signing up for the beta, you can check out their indiedb page here, or follow them on Twitter!

Sign-up for the beta (or earlier tests) on the game’s website.

Give the game a vote on Steam Greenlight.

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