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Mr. Shifty – Beta Sign-Up

Whoever you are, if you wear a long jacked and hide your face a little, you’ll look cool. Mr. Shifty is a top-down fast-paced action stealth game, where it turns the ‘stealth’ term from being sneaky and slow into a quick chaotic frenzy, punching his way through in mere seconds by utilizing his shifting ability which lets you shift through walls, bullets and cover huge distances in seconds. Shift happens apparently.

With all that power comes a catch, it’ll take one bullet to kill you and there’s a lot of bullets being shot at you, and as the developers put it “One shot kills. Survive on skills” but if it gets too hard then there’s always the slow-motion ability to give you a chance to survive and kill. It’s packed with loads of fun features and a variety of content to shift through.

Sign-up for the beta on this form.

Update: Open beta now live and downloadable.

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