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My Little Blacksmith Shop – Alpha Download

It’s been a long time since I gave up my dream of becoming a blacksmith, such a desire that arose after spending countless hours in Fable 2 making gold working at the blacksmith’s place. Now I own my own shop, and I’ve discovered that I’m the worst blacksmith in the kingdom. Even my copper ingots hate me, and so many customers leave dissatisfied, it’s a real eye-opener. In My Little Blacksmith Shop, I cook ingots on a forge, and throw them on the anvil to shape them into a blade or hammer head. There are three tiers of blade size, from daggers to greatswords, and each tier needs a certain amount of ingots to create. Daggers take one ingot, hammers and one-hand swords take two, and large blades and greathammer heads take three. Money is tight, so getting the right weapon into the hands of my customers and ordering more materials right away is the only way I’ll stay afloat.

The orders are placed in the receiving area out the back door of the shop. There I can choose what type of ingot, handle guard and hilt I want to order. My customers have varying needs, from polearms to greathammers, so I need to make sure I can get the correct hilt and the right amount of ingots. If I don’t, I kind of awkwardly stare at them like “sorry, I can’t make that now”. So it just turns into a weird staring contest until they get fed up and leave. There’s a weird glitch where sometimes an ingot will decide that it can’t be forged into a blade, so I’ll have a stack of dead ingots glowing in the corner of my shop. I’ve tried a few tricks, like changing the order in which I set them on the anvil, or re-cooking them on the forge to see if that resets the process, and it worked a couple times. Don’t get too caught up in the addicting process of making weapons and watching your store grow, you get tired eventually and need to walk upstairs to bed. If you don’t, it’ll be more difficult to level up or complete your tasks.

Download the alpha build on itch.io.

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Footage via Blitzkriegsler


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