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Naval Action – Alpha Access

War. War never changes, and let’s hope not regarding Naval Action because it’s a beautiful war. It’s an online open world naval combat game set in the Age of Sail time period with realistic naval combat and effects ranging from controlling your ship, to firing your cannons or ballistics and seeing the destruction that it causes.

There are three things that you’ll notice while playing the game. The first thing that you’ll notice is just how beautiful the game is with its amazing texture work, effects and how incredibly detailed the ships are. The second is how great the atmosphere is with its sound and wind effects alongside great physics. Lastly you’ll appreciate how complex the combat is when you shoot your cannos or other weapons, as with every shot physical form and effect that travels until it hits your target, with a single shot can cause damage to viral parts of your ship. It’s truly one of the most realistic and beautiful naval games out there.

Get alpha access here. [Soon on Steam Early Access]

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Footage via IIN8II.

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