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Nexus – Student Project Download

We sure do hope to get more gorgeous games like this one. Nexus is a third person adventure exploration sci-fi game set in a huge world where you play as some sort of wandering mechanic with his/her flying drone friend, helping him to get back home.

The game reminds us of Journey with how beautiful and awe-inspiring the world is alongside its character/s and your venture through its lands. Find and collect all the orbs to needed to reconstruct the bridge that would lead you to your journey’s end.

Download the student game here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

2 thoughts to “Nexus – Student Project Download”

  1. huh would be nice if there was actually a download in the link attached to this i would love to try to play it but i guess i must have been to late or something that sucks remove your posts that are dead

    1. Hey Darren, there is a download link. Click the ‘here’ in ‘Download the student game here’ , a new page will open and on the right side where there’s a lot of text, there’s a blue ‘read more’ text, click that and you’ll find a google drive link/url to copy in your browser, there you’ll continue to download this game.

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