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Nioh – Beta Demo Download

Demon, human, some can’t see the difference. Nioh is a hardcore third person action adventure role-playing game, set in a dark fantasy setting during the Civil War in Japan where you play as Gera- a badass looking samurai warrior slashing some scary looking demons.

After gather a lot of feedback from the alpha demo, the game has now gone into beta both show us what has been improved and changed, and still gather even more feedback to have a great product at the end of it, and a great launch. Some are liking these changes from the alpha, some are not and we can see the points from both groups but then we conclude that the game would have to somehow combine them both, the good from the alpha and beta, and put it in the final game to have the best result, if that’s possible that is.

Download the beta demo here. [or go to the PSN store page on your PS4 and download it from there]

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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