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Overclocked – Pre-Alpha Demo Download

Is has been a long time since we have gotten a good game like Megaman or Super Meat Boy. One where you would have to play for hours on end to master the controls and learn every aspect of your character’s moves and abilities to get through each level. Well, there is now a new indie game called Overclocked, that has just recently been put on Steam Greenlight. Essentially, this is like a combination of Super Meat Boy and Megaman. You play a young hero named Amber, who is fighting to help save everyone from a mysterious virus that is causing everyone to lose their minds as well as control over their bodies. She can only rely on her own strength and her close friends Ash, Violet, and Ruby.

The gameplay is brutal. One hit and you are dead, and it is back to the beginning of the level. You do have plenty of tools to avoid those situations though. Your character has a multitude of abilities that let her traverse gaps, clear out groups of enemies, and be able to hit long range targets. It all depends on how you use them and how effective they are in the current situation. One of her most useful abilities is her rocket punch, which will rocket you in a straight line of whatever angle you choose. If you happen to collide with an enemy or a piece of the environment that you can destroy, you can use the rocket punch again to go even further. Most of the levels are designed to fit this matrix of gameplay and creates for an interesting scenario when you are also being shot at by the multitude of turrets around the area or being chased by a robot. There are currently 20 levels spanning 5 different areas as well as several challenge levels for those who wish to test themselves or get some practice, which you will need to be able to get through all of the levels and progress through the story. Everyone has always wanted to be a hero at one point or another, but it certainly requires a lot of skill to get the job done.

Download the pre-alpha demo on itch.io.

Vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.


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