Paid Games

Unfinished games in development that you’d have to pay for in order to play. Here’s a list for all of these games:

StoneHearth Ark Survival Evolved

Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 Tree of Life The Curious Expedition

CrossCode Blitzkrieg 3 Black Mesa

Software Inc. Basement Phantasmal

LEGO Worlds Turmoil Air Brawl

TIS-100 Exanima Battle Brothers

DiRT Rally Space Engineers Don't Starve Together

H1Z1 Killing Floor 2 Rust

Stranded Deep Besiege Subnautica

DayZ Plague Inc Evolved SpeedRunners

This is not a recommendation list, this is just an archive of games to help gamers know about these games or to help them find a particular game they are looking for. Every now and then we’ll update the list to remove or add new games.

If there’s a game in the list that has been released and out of its development stage, then we’ll update and remove the game from the list as soon as possible. A helpful email or a tweet notifying us of such a game would be appreciated.

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