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Phantom Brigade – Beta Sign-Up

Mechs are tools that can be used for good or evil and if built within your time, which side would you use it for? Phantom Brigade is a tactical turn-based game where you take control of human-controlled mechs. A game that tells the story of the resistance force fighting those who occupy their homeland.

Aside from the game’s beautiful visuals, you’ll be provided with high satisfying battles between highly customizable walkers/mechs, changing their weapon loadout, armor pieces, paint and camouflage as well as performance tuning.

There’s two interesting gameplay mechanics that the game will provide from what we’ve seen, one of which is that if enough damage was received on a specific part on the mech, then that part will be destroyed and cease to function. The other part is that if the pilot was forced to leave its walker then it’ll be up for grabs for the opposing side to control it (or perhapse the same side to regain control of it again).

It’s still extremely early but the developer/s want players testing out the game and provide feedback from the very begging from its prototype state to alpha and then to beta, so it’ll feel like one of the best and most fun tactics mech game out there when it releases.

Sign-up for the beta on the game’s website.

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