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PiAwK – Prototype Download

PiAwk tells the story of a little bird who can’t really fly yet. Dropping players in this hand-drawn world the game drives them through an adorable narrative where the bird meets others of their kind doing all sorts of things. The gameplay is pretty straightforward: walk around, jump over things and press hidden buttons with your beak. Some places are locked and cannot be reached without activating the proper switch, however there’s something more dark and sinister hiding in this cute little world. On the surface, things might seem innocent and harmless, but a short trip through your birdy connections and you’ll soon find that you’re the unlikely hero in a story that is just unfolding in your corner of the universe.

The game is in the early stages of development, however the narrative is well-established in this current demo for Mac and PC. For the most part, the game levels are monochromatic, making switches and doors more difficult to find. Though it might seem as simple as walking around and pecking buttons to get to new areas, a little bit of searching will be involved. Don’t get discouraged and don’t forget to talk to the other birds. Even if you can’t reach them and speak face to face, they can be spoken to by getting as close as possible and hitting the spacebar key. The current build of PiAwk does have a few bugs, but they’re not game breaking and the most that I found was a slight collision sticking when jumping up stairs. Despite the simplicity, the game builds an adorably unique atmosphere, and really draws in the player with the dialogue of the precious NPC’s and great soundtrack!

Download the prototype build here.

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