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Pirates of the Polygon Sea – Alpha Access

We need more badass metal/rock pirate music in pirate games. Pirates of the Polygon Sea is a top-down sea adventure game where you play as a captain with your own ship and island, exploring the seas trying to find treasures, resources and battling other ships as you increase your rank, upgrading your ship and your island/s.

After you choose one of a handful of captains, you’ll venture out to sea to find hidden treasure, finish missions from delivering goods to finding a missing person, engage in intense battles with pirates or switch it up and become one as you battle oncoming bounty hunters, know the market and sell goods to certain islands and gain more gold, grow your island and upgrade your current ship or get a better one, all the while listening to amazing music and getting immersed in its atmosphere. The game is extremely fun, addicting, charming and we want more from it!

Get beta access with the full game here.

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