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Pit People – Beta Access

After a god punches a blueberry farmer’s son and kills him, the farmer sets out on a quest for something. While the quest is unknown at first, all that is certain is that the green bear’s blood that’s raining down from the sky could turn you insane and kill you. Finding shelter is the first objective. However the first place Horatio the blueberry farmer comes across is a castle under siege, and now he must aid the princess in taking it back before her father, the king is killed. Pit People, the turn-based tactical RPG adventure places players in a really strange world that’s an amalgam of wondrous things, from knights to space shuttles, flying giraffes and Mac-10 automatic pistols, yeah, it gets weird here. It’s probably because of the great event that changed the world, when the giant bear from space crashed into the planet.

Pit People is whacky, crazy and insane, with a great narrative from what I’m assuming to be the god who wants Horatio dead for some reason. Leading him to his inevitable doom, there’s a world in turmoil available for players to explore. Cities, towns and NPC’s each with delightfully strange quests and shoppes to hit up before busting some faces of bullies at the beach. The game is played in a fairly simple hex-grid movement system where players move their units each turn and attack. There are different types of characters with different weapons, all useful for different situations. Swords are great for slicing down foes, hammers are lovely helmet splitters, and hatchets can be thrown to stun enemies. The local pit arena can be a great way to compete for money, but there are also quests from helping out people around the way or doing the bidding of the emperor. There’s a lot to discover in the world of Pit People, a goofy and fun adventure that will have you saying “wtf” every other minute!

Get beta access with the full game here.

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