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Planet Coaster – Alpha Access

Your imagination is the main feature here. Planet Coaster is a simulation and creation game about building your own theme park, managing it to be an amazing and fun experience for those who visit it, view and ride its attractions.

Developed by those who brought your Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 and 3, the game features impressive tools that allow you to limitless creativity for what you want to build with the game’s theme, from having a nice road layout to completely changing the terrain to the point of artistic sculpting, and then adding the rides you want.

It also features a great back-end simulation system from the world itself, to specifically the crowd’s/guests’ state of mind where every little tweak can affect how your guests feel, rewarding management and creative skills.

Aside from all the impressive tools and technical achievements, one note worthy aspect the game has that’s definitely worth mentioning and praising is the game’s beautiful art style that gives the game a lot of character, amazing sound effects and the tradition between each one of them, and the lastly the superb soundtrack that gives the game the joyful magic that immerses you into the game.

Get alpha access with the full game here.

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