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Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage of Potato Planet!

We get to see some early gameplay footage of Potato Planet! in its pre-alpha state, showcasing a lot of potatoes attacking and being used to solve some puzzles. One thing we don’t know is whether we can eat a potato in the game or not, and if we can do we get sick and/or maybe turn into a potato? The mysteries behind this game is strong.

Check out the game’s Steam Greenlight page for more information.

One thought to “Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage of Potato Planet!”

  1. Yep, you can eat potatoes! They taste like dirt, but can restore your health if you only suffer a glancing blow from an adult potato. Originally they were for stamina (Runners always load up on carbs, right?) But, that turned out to be less fun. So that was taken out and now you can run as much as you want so long as you are mindful of the noise it creates.

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