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Psycutlery – Prototype Demo Download

Alien girl in frog suit with floating spork eats alien creatures in a quest to gain more something. That’s a perfect alternate headline for this piece, because it captures the essence of Psycutlery perfectly. Visiting a weird planet in your space ship, you play as Lillian the Alien, a glutton with a psychic floating piece of silverware. In the prototype, the main story hasn’t exactly been established, and anything that would be narrative has been replaced with subtle commentary as a way for the developer to channel their thoughts through the game to the player. Essentially, the NPC’s make references to the game not being complete, and some of the objects or characters have simple names or include the word “thingy” in them. Despite that, it actually conveys an endearing sense of humor, and the game is pure fun regardless.

Psycutlery does an excellent job of establishing its own unique world, there’s nothing you can compare it to. Though this is a simple 2D platformer, it’s an intriguing adventure, exploring the culture of this strange world while enjoying the combat. The game is about moving forward, clearing enemies and collecting the gold and silver flatware at the end of each level. All the levels are the same however, but in order to reach the final phase, you need to play through all four cloned levels to unlock the dark nega-world. The floating spork is controlled with the mouse and flies forward as an attack, damaging enemies with higher health, or simply scooping them up and feeding them to Lillian if they have a low health. Some may be lifted up and thrown, perhaps Lillian is a picky eater after all. The gameplay has a magical essences woven throughout the levels, yet the play style may feel a bit familiar to those who have played Kirby’s Dream Land. Despite the limited content in its current state, we can see there’s plenty of room for expansion and many more places to explore in the full build of this unique, alien platformer!

Download the prototype demo here.

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