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Run Far – Prototype Download

One can never get tired of parkour games, especially if they’re made with great care and provides a laid back fun gameplay experience. Run Far provides just that in a simple world filled with simple beautiful visuals as you jump from one platformer to another, or one building to another in a first person perspective.

Inspired by games such as Jet Set Radio and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series, you play as Marina who’s a parkour enthusiast, wanting to go to the city’s transit station but she’s completely broke. So your task is to use your skills to collect enough do$h coins from the city you’re in to be able to go to pass through and go to the transit.

The game is pretty fun to play with its simple controls and visually pleasing to look at with its warm colors and simple design. This is a project made with love and passion and the demo has been released to see if there’s how much interest there is in it. If there’s enough people playing it and talking about it then it will go in full production, if not then the future of this game is dim, so if you enjoyed playing the game, tell your friends and spread the word!

Download the prototype build here.

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  1. really nice running mechanics i thouth it would feel a lot like mirrors edge but it doesnt it is very obviously inspired by mirrors edge, overall really nice

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