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Shapeshifter Biker – Game Jam Download

Not even Mad Max can shift like this. Shapeshifter Biker is a top-down arcade driving game where you play as a biker with angry ducks in black trucks trying to catch him. You’re trying to escape/dodge them as you collect mysterious boxes that gives you the ability to shape-shift into other animals.

There’s twenty animals in total and each one has their own unique trait/ability that would help you in different ways to escape or fend off your chasers. One helps you fly so you don’t fall, another can drive on lava while those behind you burn, a third makes you invisible and so on. The question now is, will you catch them all?

We couldn’t from our time play it but we definitely did have a lot of fun just cruising around with smooth controls, escaping the clutches of the angry ducks and collecting more animals to shape-shift into them and make use of their abilities, all the while listening to the game’s soothing original soundtrack and enjoying it’s lovely low-poly visuals.

Download the game jam build here.

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