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Shell Shift – Prototype Download

After obtaining a special artifact from a certain facility, you and your partner head for the roof of the building to make your escape. Unfortunately, your partner is killed, and as you gun down her killer, the artifact transfers your soul into the corpse of the soldier you downed. Now, as the rest of the security team flocks to the roof, you’re forced to fight wave after wave of these enemies. The game doesn’t end, you last as long as you can until you die, if you ever do. Defeating foes and possessing their bodies once they’re dead is the name of the game. You can bust open crates for health, or gain a small amount of health from switching into another body.

There are three types of enemies, Blade, Pyro and Sniper. The Blade of course is a melee fighter with a beam sword who will chase and attack at close range. The Pyro is a slow-moving unit with a flamethrower that’s great against the Blade. The Pyro also has the most vitality among the three, so they’re harder to take out. The Sniper has a beam rifle with a slow firing rate, but is a great unit to keep distance between you and crowds of enemies. Your only weakness is the Blade, which has the fastest movement speed and will deflect your shots about 98% of the time if they’re not within melee attack range. Choosing which type to possess is a key element as you take note of who you’re fighting, and which of the bodies you can possess to best counter their attacks. One of the best techniques that saved me past wave 20 was making use of the abundance of dead bodies and shifting to them consecutively to heal back up to full health. You’re gonna need it when there are more than ten of them on you at once.

Download the prototype build on itch.io.

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