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Slayer Shock – Beta Access

If this game is the first of many vampire slaying games to come, then we’re getting a very great future for these types of games. Slayer Shock is a first person action role-playing stealth shooter about hunting vampires, specifically in Nebraska.

Aside from a nice tutorial at first, you’ll start the game at your headquarters which is also a college coffee shop, where you’ll find your team of vampire slayers assisting you by providing you with new weapons, teaching you new skills researching new tech as you get ready to take on variety of missions to hunt down and weaken the vampires, to save your home town!

This whole game from its narrative to its gameplay and its theme pretty much reminds us of the TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, having us play as the vampire slayer and feeling like a badass doing it. If that’s not an indication of an awesome game in this space then we don’t know what is.

Get beta access with the full game here.

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