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Somethin’s Brewin – Pre-Alpha Download

For some reason, extra-terrestrials have some weird obsession with stealing our Earth beer. They could have asked but you know what they did instead? Beamed down a bunch of soldiers to destroy anyone who gets in their way of stealing the brew. Even better, they’ve jammed weird giant eyeball capsules between buildings in the city so you don’t have a lot of options. You’re going to need to find a better gun than that machine pistol that only has a six round magazine. Somethin’s Brewin is a challenging FPS that drops the player in a randomly generated city map, and constantly drops aliens in to exterminate you.

You don’t have a lot of health, and these aliens must be elite soldiers because their aim is insanely accurate. Some of the aliens have a single shot rifle while others have a shotgun style weapon that spreads 5 energy balls in a horizontal wave. You will need to hide behind cars and around buildings, but don’t stand there for long, because they’ll either charge or drop some more aliens on the other side of you. There are supply crates that can be found which will give you either health or a gun, but the spawn chance isn’t very high. Somethin’s Brewin has a great premise, but the game is in pre-alpha, with planned updates that are slated for bi-weekly patches. It’s very difficult in the current build, and death is permanent-restarting you back at the beginning with the default character. Some planned features include more weapons, enemies and shops for the player to visit after collecting currency. Updates can be tracked on the game’s Twitter, and the build can be found on itch.io by following the link below!

Download the pre-alpha build on itch.io.

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