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Subnautica – Alpha Access

Swim and survive. Subnautica is a beautiful first person underwater exploration adventure survival game, set in an open world sci-fi setting where your ship crash landed on an alien ocean planet, so survival in this game is pretty much always under water.

Even though it’s an ocean-based world it doesn’t mean that it has no variety, in fact it’s one of the most varied game out there in its genre. Manage your oxygen levels, explore beautiful yet terrifying areas from Kelp forests, plateaus, reefs and cave systems. Scavenge for food and other resources to survive and craft equipment you’ll need for further exploration, convenience, defending yourself from the wild creatures, building your own bases and vehicles.

This game has so much content and features that it’ll take us a while to get to them and talk about them. For now we can just say that it’s an incredibly impressive game and one of few in its genre that deserve your attention

Get alpha access with the full game here.

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One thought to “Subnautica – Alpha Access”

  1. Excellent game so far. I’m really enjoying it. While obviously it has some bugs, the reporting feature is easy to use and accessible in-game. I haven’t encountered any game breaking bugs/glitches, just a few that I had to turn it off and on again for.

    I’m really excited for the storyline. Already there have been a few twists and surprises, though they say the story line isn’t complete yet.

    The game is also gorgeous. So much beauty. There are some massive creatures, and some that are so small they’re hard to catch. The sounds are also great! I’m sure they will update a few as they seem like placeholders, but then there are others that make you stop dead in your tracks and swirl around looking for the source.

    Very immersive (heh) too. I find myself taking a drink from my water bottle or something in real life then reminding myself “Oh I need to drink in the game to fill my thirst bar… that doesn’t work”.

    The price is good for what I’ve gotten already, and I’m sure it will just get better. Looks like updates come once or twice a month.

    I was hesitant… I’m always nervous on water levels in games and oxygen management is usually a stressor for me, but I’ve not died yet on this game and I’m playing in hardcore mode (doesn’t alert you of low O2 levels). I don’t think it’s too difficult if you’re careful and plan your long range trips 🙂 I’ve just recently gotten my food and water situation under control so I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about it again. Remember to explore! 🙂

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