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Super Arcade Football – Beta Demo Download

Super Arcade Football is a fun top-down 2D arcade football game with simple controls and some ridiculous match modifiers, a game that we covered a while back when it came out but now there’s a small update.

The game now has a free demo you can download and try out for yourself, and maybe with your friends if you got some laying around. Obviously its limited compared to the paid version, but you can still break a lot of legs!

Download the beta demo here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

One thought to “Super Arcade Football – Beta Demo Download”

  1. Unfortunately I got a bluescreen of death in the middle of playing my first game with my daughter. We were both using Xbox 360 controllers.

    It’s pretty, and what you’d expect from an arcade soccer game. Twitchy, fast paced. You can break your own and other players legs, occasionally a ref may see it and give you a yellow card.

    I’m not going to be trying the demo again though based on the blue screen. Looks good for a quick pickup and play for a few minutes, but I don’t see it having any staying power for me.

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