Games of Glory – Beta Sign-Up

You got firearms, but you’ll be closer to your enemies that you’ve ever been. Games of Glory is a top-down free-to-play online multiplayer action team-based arena shooter that’s in close range. Champions engage in battle in this intergalactic championship to gain fame and fortune. With nice looking visuals and a prime game-show feel to it, you […]

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BeardedBear gif

BeardedBear – Pre-Alpha Demo Download

Bears are scary, but if a bearded bear is both scary and badass looking. BeardedBear is a 2D arcade arena roguelike platforming shooter where you play as a cyborg bear with a beard that grants the ability to travel through time. Apparently you’re humanity’s only hope to save Earth from an alien invasion that’s attack the […]

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Battlerite gif

Battlerite – Beta Sign-Up

From those that brought you Bloodline Champions comes Battlerite, a most likely top-down team-based arena action online multiplayer brawler, where one team of players go up against another team in intense matches with a focus on reaction time. You’ll select from a variety of awesome looking champions with their own unique play style and sets of combos, […]

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