House Flipper – Beta Sign-Up

It’s Home Improvement in first person! Without the family and silly sound effects . House Flipper is a first person house renovating simulator of sort, where you’ll fix up and upgrade your house and have it up for sale. With a handful of tools and parts, you’ll experiment with the house’s interior design as you’ll […]

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iDracula: Genesis – Beta Sign-Up

News came out that iDracula: Genesis is accepting beta sign ups! A top-down isometric roguelike twin-stick shooter that’s set in a combined universe of magic and “post-apocalyptic ultra-modern weapons and device” which, well I don’t know what’s going with that universe but it looks great as far as I can tell. The game’s main shtick […]

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Battlebit gif

BattleBit – Beta Download

You can download BattleBit‘s beta and enjoy playing a Battlefield-esque type of game, with all the warfare and massive online player battles. To sum it up nicely, it’s a first person online multiplayer tactical shooter that hosts massive battles, and carries with it a nice looking low-poly art style. Have fun playing in 64 or 128 […]

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