Speed Brawl gif

Speed Brawl – Alpha Sign-Up

Another game that we mostly don’t know anything about because of yet to be released information about it, but Speed Brawl looks like it’s a 2D fast-paced brawler that’s somewhat similar to Smash Bros. but with very different designs and mechanics. From the short and vague footage out there, we can see that levels are […]

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GODHOOD – Alpha Demo Download

Never meet your heroes, unless they’re evil and give you immense power. GODHOOD is a 2D side-scrolling rhythm-based hack’n’slash brawler, where you beat up demons by preforming combos to the rhythm of the music with your new found demon powers. These new powers comes from a demon coming to life from a writers work, this demon’s name […]

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Battlerite gif

Battlerite – Beta Sign-Up

From those that brought you Bloodline Champions comes Battlerite, a most likely top-down team-based arena action online multiplayer brawler, where one team of players go up against another team in intense matches with a focus on reaction time. You’ll select from a variety of awesome looking champions with their own unique play style and sets of combos, […]

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