Fable Fortune gif

Fable Fortune – Beta Sign-Up

It’s sad to hear the closure of the studio and with it Fable Legends, but the ex-developers got the A-OK from MS to make their side Fable project! Fable Fortune is a free-to-play online multiplayer collectible card game that’s set in the fable universe and it looks pretty awesome! Aside from enjoying the the world of […]

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Phageborn gif

Phageborn – Beta Sign-Up

War never changes, even in a TCG! Phageborn is a online multiplayer trading card game that’s set in a dark fantasy world, where you choose from five different factions with their own unique set of cards and play style, as you become a champion of said chosen faction. Aside from the nice looking art work, you’ll be […]

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Superfight gif


A bear that’s ridding on-top of a Centaur and throws burrito sandwichs? Sure this is the strongest fighter! SUPERFIGHT is an arguments game where players would battle with the power of their imagination and presentation as they determine who’d win hypothetical fights between fictional or real characters where they have super powers and super problems, all […]

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Chronicle RuneScape Legends Gif

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends – Beta Sign-Up

An online multiplayer turn-based strategic adventure board game, with cards and set in the RuneScape universe? Yes that’s a thing and it’s called Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. It looks like a fun mix between Dungeons and Dragons meets Hearthstone, providing you with strategic adventure through the cards that you hold and play, and a neat world and […]

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