FRAKAS – Beta Sign-Up

The surge of skill-based arena fighters is quite nice, especially when they include huge spiders and a blowfish. FRAKAS is a top-down fast-paced action online multiplayer arena fighting game with a focus on close-range brawling, inspired by old arcade games with those combo points and nice special moves. There’ll be thirty playable challengers/characters to chose from […]

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Team Racing League – Alpha Sign-Up

Round and round we go. Team Racing League is a top-down online multiplayer team-based arcade racing game, where you and other players gain victory or completely lose together as a team. A team of three versus another, where utilizing your skills and using tactics to aid your team members is key in winning winning the […]

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Graveball – Alpha Sign-Up

Even vicious creatures want to compete in competitive sports. Graveball is a top-down online (and local) multiplayer fast-paced combat sports game, where you and other players play as teams of goblins trying to score points by moving a skull to the ‘end-zone’. You can also win by completely destroying the enemy team before anyone respawns, and […]

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