INSIGHT – Beta Sign-Up

If you can’t use your eyes to see then use your ears. INSIGHT (or INSIGHT FPS) is a first person competitive online multiplayer shooter that’s inspired by select set of highly praised and played games like Quake, Mirror’s Edge, Counter-Strick and Shootmania, with the game focusing on a specific kind of movement and sound system, one […]

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Zarvot gif

ZARVOT – Beta Sign-Up

Voxel wars, voxel wars never change.. or does it? ZARVOT is a top-down competitive local-multiplayer tank combat game where you and other players fight with or against each other in destructive tank battles. The game is simple and beautiful in its visual design and overall gameplay from the looks of it. You’ll have fun blasting your friends to little […]

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RUiN Gif

RUiN – Beta Sign-Up

Ever played that awesome game mode from Warcraft 3 that’s not Dota but Warlock? Well you’d be surprised how many others like it and wanted to make a standalone full game out of it, and RUiN is looking to be a marvelous reimagining of it. It’s an online multiplayer PVP game where you and 2 […]

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Arms of Telos: Why Spiders?

While looking at some Arms of Telos footage we had a question that we’ve thrown to the developer Justin Pierce, after having a short discussion on whether or not to have scoreboards in some multiplayer games. The question was: Why spiders? His answer satisfied our curiosity, intrigued and impressed us with the reasons behind that […]

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