Frozen Flame gif alpha sign up

Frozen Flame – Alpha Sign-Up

Here comes Frozen Flame, an online open world survival role-playing game by Magisterion. With only few screenshots to look at, it’s hard to dismiss it with alpha registrations up. Survive at infinite random generated world. Craft items and build your fortress. Fight with epic monsters and bosses. Use flame to become powerful. Play with friends […]

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Die Young – Alpha Sign-Up

Would you want to die old? Die Young is a first person open world survival adventure game where you play as a young woman finding herself in a mysterious island, and you have to find a way to escape. You’ll enjoy the game’s beautiful visuals and fantastic atmosphere, as you try to survive by nourishing […]

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SCUM – Alpha Sign-Up

Not far from the impending reality of the real world, the concept behind SCUM is disturbingly exciting in many ways. Sure, the game is set in the near future where major corporations rule the world, and the 1% imprison those in opposition, AKA the 99%. As the rich imprison the less-fortunate, society ends up in […]

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