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Two Years in-Development, a Failed Kickstarter and a Lot of Demos, GTTOD Releasing on Steam Early Access on 29th September

Arcade Coin‘s passion project GTTOD (Get To The Orange Door) has been in development for two years now, and throughout that time a lot of demos has been released, as well as launching a Kickstarter campaign only to not achieve its funding goal. Yet the developer kept pushing through it, gathering and apply feedback gathered […]

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NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings – Beta Access

Offering a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants experience, NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings demands the player be move quickly, all while maintaining a collected and calculated mindset. Akin to “Star Fox” or Defender, Rogue Wings offers a gorgeous space ship combat simulator where resource management and sharp movements are the key to success. In Rogue Wings, you’ll fly a customizable ship […]

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