Everspace – Beta Access

It’s not so bad in space, dying over and over again if it looks this gorgeous. Everspace is a first/third person sci-fi single-player space shooter with roguelike elements, with the focus of upgrading your ship. A challenging game with smooth controls and nice progression, incredibly gorgeous visuals with a nicely crafted universe, and lastly a […]

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EVERSPACE GIF 1st Playable

New Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage of EVERSPACE

EVERSPACE just reached a new milestone in its development, having the game reach to what the developers call “1st Playable” meaning that all core gameplay elements/systems of what they’ve envisioned are now in the game. They’ve released a new gameplay trailer showcasing the game in its pre-alpha “1st Playable” state, and so far so awesome. Check […]

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Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage of EVERSPACE

A new studio was formed by the creators of Galaxy on Fire series  ROCKFISH Games announced EVERSPACE, an Unreal Engine 4 powered PC space shooter that’s a rogue-like. They’ve also released a pre-alpha gameplay trailer for the game, and it looks both gorgeous and awesome. Here’s what the game is, its features: Rogue-like gameplay with persistent progression AAA-style visuals […]

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