MU Legend – Closed Beta Sign-Up

Once a legend, always a legend. MU Legend is a top-down action adventure hack & slash massive multiplayer online role-playing game set in a fantasy setting, the second game in the series right after MU Online. You’ll enjoy the game’s satisfying combat, progressing through it’s content that’s catered towards both solo and party players, with a […]

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Cloud Pirates gif

Cloud Pirates – Beta Sign-Up

Conquer the seven seas! skies? Conquer the seve- the skies! Cloud Pirates is a fast-paced action massive multiplayer online pirate game set in a science-fiction fantasy world, where you control your own airship, fighting other enemy players in aerial battles. Customize your airships as you gain new unique upgrades and weapons as well as change their […]

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Nioh gif

Nioh – Beta Demo Download

Demon, human, some can’t see the difference. Nioh is a hardcore third person action adventure role-playing game, set in a dark fantasy setting during the Civil War in Japan where you play as Gera- a badass looking samurai warrior slashing some scary looking demons. After gather a lot of feedback from the alpha demo, the game […]

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Revelation Online gif

Revelation Online – Beta Sign-Up

To those who excel on land wish to excel in the air and sea. Revelation Online is an massive multiplayer online role-playing game set in a beautiful fantasy world where you have the the wondrous joy of flight with your own pair of magical wings, to which you’d use to explore its world from top […]

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