XERA gif pre-alpha sign up

XERA – Pre-Alpha Sign-Up

XERA, an online multiplayer open world survival game developed in Unreal Engine 4, has opened up it’s pre-alpha registration for quite some time. Another take in the genre that’ll hopefully tickle your fancy. Player VS Player VS Environment. Heavily focused on PVP, but there is still the environment to worry about. Be careful of AI […]

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pwnd gif beta access

PWND – Beta Access

It is conflicting experience when games encourage you to tea-bag your fallen foes, let alone make it absolutely necessary. PWND is a fast-paced, mobility centric first-person competitive hero shooter where you’ll control one of four (currently) different characters in a 3v3 multiplayer battle. To win, you’ll need to get points, and to get points, you’ll […]

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Dead Alliance gif beta steam

Dead Alliance – Open Beta Download

From the developers that brought you Friday the 13th comes Dead Alliance, an online multiplayer first person shooter where players try to shoot each other, while also having to deal with zombies going about trying to munch on someone. And let’s say there is another multiplayer PVP FPS out there, what makes this game unique […]

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