Guardians of Atlas gif

Guardians of Atlas – Open Alpha Download

Every guardian is guarding something, and in this game’s case it’s an atlas. Guardians of Atlas is a free-to-play top-down online multiplayer RTS and MOBA hybrid or a “army battler”, set in an arena style match that’s hero-focused and with individual unit control, playing against other players or AI-opponents/bots. strategize and take action as you manage your […]

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FeArea gif

FeArea – Beta Sign-Up

One cannot simply start a war, but it’s way easier if it’s in a game! FeArea is a top-down massive multiplayer online action free-to-play shooter that’s set in the distant future, where a competitive game show is held instead of actual war, removing bloodshed from battle. The visuals are gorgeous and the gameplay looks interesting and […]

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