YIIK – Beta Demo Download

YIIK: Episode Prime – “The MixTape Phantom and the Haunting of the Southern Cave.” (long name for a demo we know, but somehow still awesome) is a supernatural Japanese-style role-playing puzzle adventure game with action-based microgames to play for its turn-based combat. It’s a standalone demo for the main game that showcases a quest to give […]

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Yucatan gif

Yucatan – Beta Sign-Up

Everyone wants to drive into drive into a pimped-out skull’s mouth in your pimped-out car right? Yucatan is a fast-paced ‘neo-mexican space-punk’ arcade racing game with RPG and metroidvania elements. There’s a single world and a single track to drive on, presumably a very very long track. There’ll be abilities to unlock alongside different vehicles, […]

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Vulpine gif

New Alpha Gameplay Footage of Vulpine

From pre-alpha to alpha and we get to see a lot more in this new gameplay footage of Vulpine, showcasing a general look on what you’ll be play as in the game and what activities you’ll be doing like gathering resources to survive, build and advance/progress. Check out the game’s Kickstarter page for more information […]

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ZIZ gif

Prototype Gameplay Footage of ZIZ

Landfall Games are on a great roll with developing some very enjoyable and great looking games, and now with Gamescom 2016 over they’ve made a new game titled ZIZ, a Shadow of the Colossus inspired dogfighter, during a game jam event there, and we get to see gameplay footage of it in it’s prototype state. Hopefully we’ll […]

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