Battlebit gif

BattleBit – Beta Download

You can download BattleBit‘s beta and enjoy playing a Battlefield-esque type of game, with all the warfare and massive online player battles.┬áTo sum it up nicely, it’s a first person online multiplayer tactical shooter that hosts massive battles, and carries with it a nice looking low-poly art style. Have fun playing in 64 or 128 […]

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Floatlands – Alpha Sign-Up

It looks like the rest, but also looks really appealing somehow.. maybe it’s because of the helicopter and how calm it looks, or the floating islands? Floatlands is a first person open world exploration adventure survival shooter, where you hop from one floating island to another. You’ll find and discover different landmarks as you question […]

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Due Process – Alpha Sign-Up

Coordination and communication, two essential elements in upcoming multiplayer FPS Due Process. In this head to head all PVP title, players will be divided into two teams, attackers and defenders, with the objective of clearing out the entire opposing team. One of the things that makes Due Process unique is the planning phase that begins […]

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