MU Legend – Closed Beta Sign-Up

Once a legend, always a legend. MU Legend is a top-down action adventure hack & slash massive multiplayer online role-playing game set in a fantasy setting, the second game in the series right after MU Online. You’ll enjoy the game’s satisfying combat, progressing through it’s content that’s catered towards both solo and party players, with a […]

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Revelation Online gif

Revelation Online – Beta Sign-Up

To those who excel on land wish to excel in the air and sea. Revelation Online is an massive multiplayer online role-playing game set in a beautiful fantasy world where you have the the wondrous joy of flight with your own pair of magical wings, to which you’d use to explore its world from top […]

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Twin Saga gif

Twin Saga – Beta Sign-Up

It’s always the cute ones that get people, even more so if it looks badass along the way. Twin Saga is an massive multiplayer online role-player game set in a fantasy anime world, with all the usual MMORPG systems coupled with an awesome action-filled combat. The unique feature the game provides, aside from its lovely […]

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KINGDOM·OF·LOOT – Alpha Download

Loot has never been more so focused than this. KINGDOM OF LOOT is a 2D action adventure massive multiplayer online role-playing game, that’s inspired by classical Action-RPG 16-bit games like Secret of Mana and The Legend of Zelda. We love where the game is going and as one fan puts it “An oldschool ARPG turned into an MMO? Who […]

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