Utopia gif alpha download

Utopia – Pre-Alpha Download

Utopia‘s pre-alpha is live to download on the game’s itch page. A game by Cowfish Games developed using Unreal Engine 4. UTOPIA is a unique competitive online game that combines the micro of Starcraft with the heroes of League of Legends. Two players control powerful robot champions, each with a unique designs and play-styles, battle […]

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Switchblade gif beta sign up

Switchblade – Beta Sign-Up

Where Twisted Metal meets MOBA, here comes Switchblade ‘s beta by Lucid Games. The game just got announced and testing registration is now open for the public. an arena-based 5v5 vehicular shooter that combines high-octane combat with an ever-shifting array of strategic choices. From a team that has worked on titles such as Project Gotham Racing, Blur […]

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Hero Blocks – Alpha Sign-up

Earth will become a run-down wasteland in the near future, that much is for sure. Hero Blocks: The Skeletoonian takes you there, but the humans are gone (finally thank you!). The closest thing resembling the cancerous existence of humanity are the Skeletoonians, robot toys that we ourselves engineered to accompany every family. They clean your […]

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Subsiege – Beta Sign-Up

When was the last time you took a submerged vehicle beneath the ocean and fought for oxygen and territory against other resource-hungry factions? Been a while, right? Let’s pretend like that’s a regular occurrence, because it’s going to take a lot of conditioning to survive Subseige, a MOBA RTS currently accepting beta applications for a […]

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Guardians of Atlas – Open Alpha Download

Every guardian is guarding something, and in this game’s case it’s an atlas. Guardians of Atlas is a free-to-play top-down online multiplayer RTS and MOBA hybrid or a “army battler”, set in an arena style match that’s hero-focused and with individual unit control, playing against other players or AI-opponents/bots. strategize and take action as you manage your […]

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