GODHOOD – Alpha Demo Download

Never meet your heroes, unless they’re evil and give you immense power. GODHOOD is a 2D side-scrolling rhythm-based hack’n’slash brawler, where you beat up demons by preforming combos to the rhythm of the music with your new found demon powers. These new powers comes from a demon coming to life from a writers work, this demon’s name […]

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Klang Gif

Beta Gameplay Footage of Klang

We get to see first gameplay footage of an upcoming rythem game that’s taking a different kind of approach compared to what we deem traditional in the genre. Currently in it’s final beta stages, we get to see how intense Klang‘s beat and platforming can get. Check out the game’s Steam Greenlight page for more information.

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Birdcage Gif

Prototype Gameplay Footage of Birdcage

Prototype gameplay footage of Unreal Engine 4 powered first person rock/metal musical Birdcage was released recently, giving a general look at how the game will be played. Regarding that video you’ll be running from a cool evil badass who doesn’t look at explosions with Metal music running in the background. A description of what Birdcage is, it’s a “music […]

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