The Day We Left gif

That Day We Left – Alpha Download

War was never the answer. That Day We Left is a top-down narrative adventure game that tells the story of the recent Syrian refugee crisis, presenting you with hard and meaningful choices and a journey filled with sadness. It’s always interesting to see these types of games that would show us a lot of what’s happening, […]

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Shuyan gif

Shuyan – Beta Sign-Up

The first thing you learn in Martial Arts is respect. Shuyan is a 2D and 3D narrative episodic action adventure game that’s set in ancient China, where you play as Shuyan who’s trying to find her standing in the world, The game is being animated with a beautiful comic book art style and pretty cool looking cut-scenes. […]

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The Solus Project gif

The Solus Project – Beta Access

Your survival is not only important for your self, but vital to the human race. The Solus Project is a single-player sci-fi first person narrative/story driven survival adventure game, where Earth was destroyed and the last remaining humans launched into space to find a new habitable planet. The journey of one of the ships didn’t go down […]

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