Racing Apex – Alpha Sign-Up

With Racing Apex alpha sign ups going live, we’re that much closer to play-test this arcade action racing wonder with all the features and gameplay feel that your child-self always wanted, and it definitely looks the part with that awesome low-poly art style. Enjoy the game’s high speed action with both single-player and online/local multiplayer, where […]

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Battlebit gif

BattleBit – Beta Download

You can download BattleBit‘s beta and enjoy playing a Battlefield-esque type of game, with all the warfare and massive online player battles. To sum it up nicely, it’s a first person online multiplayer tactical shooter that hosts massive battles, and carries with it a nice looking low-poly art style. Have fun playing in 64 or 128 […]

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Grounds of Glory gif

Grounds of Glory – Beta Sign-Up

Grounds of Glory‘s beta sign ups are live! A third person online multiplayer that’s set in a fantasy world, where players battle each other in an arena and achieve victory by eliminating their opponents. The game will provide you with a magical-based tactical combat system, where positioning, teamwork and skill is required to gain victory. Powered […]

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