Archimoulin gif Student Game Download

Archimoulin – Student Game Download

Archimoulin, a beautiful and fun looking adventure platformer that you can download and play, is a student project that we’re hoping got an award for making this amazing game. This 15 minutes 2D plateformer game narrates the adventure of a little boy through a giant windmill, trying to gather the ingredients needed for his mother’s […]

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Neorj gif beta demo download

Neorj – Pre-Beta Demo Download

A side-scrolling adventure platformer called Neorj is what the developers are bringing to the table, getting ready to launch their crowdfunding campaign by being on Thunderclap and having a pre-beta demo available to try out. Project in the genre platformer / side-scroller. The main hero is Heli – a girl who was in the world […]

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