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Gigantic – Open Beta Download

Escaped from the clutches of UWP (ish), this beast is nearing its final form! Gigantic is a third person free-to-play online multiplayer action MOBA that combines fast-paced gameplay with all new game modes that’s unlike what we’re used to in the genre. After being in closed testing, with what we thought of the game being potentially canceled, we’re […]

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Games of Glory – Beta Sign-Up

You got firearms, but you’ll be closer to your enemies that you’ve ever been. Games of Glory is a top-down free-to-play online multiplayer action team-based arena shooter that’s in close range. Champions engage in battle in this intergalactic championship to gain fame and fortune. With nice looking visuals and a prime game-show feel to it, you […]

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FRAKAS – Beta Sign-Up

The surge of skill-based arena fighters is quite nice, especially when they include huge spiders and a blowfish. FRAKAS is a top-down fast-paced action online multiplayer arena fighting game with a focus on close-range brawling, inspired by old arcade games with those combo points and nice special moves. There’ll be thirty playable challengers/characters to chose from […]

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Pantropy – Tech Demo Download

This one has nice looking force-fields. Pantropy is a first person sci-fi massive multiplayer online sci-fi survival shooter, where you and other players are thrown into an open alien world to gather resources and build structures/facilities as well as weapons and other tools/items, all for the purpose of advancement and survivability. Enjoy the game’s in-depth crafting system, […]

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